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Amy Peterson
Vital statistics
Role The Girlfriend
Gender Female
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Race Human
Appearances Fight Night
Played by Amanda Bearse
Amy Peterson is a girlfriend of Charley Brewster.


Virginal girl next doorEdit

Amy Peterson was a resident of Rancho Corvalis, Iowa. She attended Christopher L. Cushing High School and became Charley Brewster's wholesome girlfriend, tolerating his love for horror films and frequently denying him of sexual intimacy.

Defiled by a vampireEdit

She didn't believe Charley when he claimed that his neighbor, Jerry Dandrige, was a vampire. She learned her lesson the hard way when she was kidnapped by Jerry and turned into a vampire herself, and only her boyfriend could save her. Dandrige took a liking to Amy because of her resemblance to a portrait of his lost love. She was eventually saved when Charley and horror icon Peter Vincent destroyed Jerry Dandrige.

The breakupEdit

Charley and Amy ceased dating because he is so obsessed with his mysterious new neighbour that he sidelines Amy's decision to give herself to him and subsequently ignores her efforts to patch things up. She loves him however and is committed to try to help him until she gets seduced by Jerry.

There is a happy ending with Charley and Amy making up in his bedroom, but with a slight twist.

Personality and traitsEdit

Amy is a very sweet girl, she is very smart and sometimes shy. Amy is also short tempered. Whenever Charlie tries to make love with Amy, Amy gets nervous especially with Jerry.


Charlie Brewster

Charlie Brewster is Amy's boyfriend. It was mentioned in the begging of them film that they have been going out for over a year. Charlie tries to make love with his girlfriend but Amy always gets nervous when it comes to sex, which annoys Charlie. Amy also gets upset at Charlie whenever he ignores her like in the begging when Amy finally decides to make love with Charlie, Charlie is looking out of his window seeing two guys carrying a coffin which makes him pay no attention to his girlfriend, Amy got upset and was about to leave, the second time was when Judy (Charlie's mother) was trying to settle their fight, when Amy said bye to Charlie he was still looking out the window ignoring Amy again which caused Amy to slam the door angrily on her way out, she has been giving Charlie the silent treatment for a few days. A few days later Amy came to see Charlie at the canteen at school and the two stated to build back up their relationship until Charlie noticed something on TV about another murder. He saw a woman that he recognized from yesterday, once again ignoring Amy who has had enough of Charlie not listening to her, Amy stole a guy's burger and threw it at Charlie's face breaking up with him, leaving afterward. Days later after learning that Jerry was a vampire, Charlie tried to tell her but she believed that Charlie was pulling a trick to get her back, Charlie ignored her and decided to tell the police. After when Charlie couldn't get anyone else to believe him, he decided to go and hunt the vampire down himself which Amy refuse to let him do, to help Charlie Amy and Ed decided to get Peter Vincent the man who use to be the great vampire killer. On her way out Charlie sadly said to Amy that she doesn't believe him in response she said "I love you Charlie". After they got the help from Mr. Vincent they called Jerry and told him that they would bring holy water to prove to Charlie that he is not a vampire. The next day a 6:10pm Peter Vincent showed up with the holy water. Once Billy Cole let them inside, Charlie became jealous when Mr. Dandridge kiss Amy's hand after seeing him as a romantic person. After Jerry drank the holy water it did not burn him because it wasn't blessed which was why it didn't work. Soon after they left Charlie and Amy were being pursued by jerry, then the two went to hide in a dance club. Charlie want to go call the police but didn't believe him Amy was deeply scared and begin to cry Charlie promised that he wouldn't let jerry get her. While calling peter Vincent for help, Amy was being seduced by jerry. After calling peter, Charlie noticed that Amy was missing and went to go search for her, after putting up a fight with jerry over Amy, the security guards took Charlie and Amy, However jerry got upset after taking Amy away from him and killed the security guards and abducted Amy. Charlie went to turn to Peter for help but refused. Charlie decided to get Amy back himself however Peter changed his mind and decided to help Charlie. Peter decided that they should wait and come back at dawn since jerry will be asleep in the morning and they could have a better chance of getting Amy, however Amy would be dead by dawn so Charlie decided to get Amy while he can.

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