• Phantom Stranger
    Fright Night Special Edition DVD petition...

    Fright Night Part 2 Special Edition DVD petition...

    Tom Holland's original classic not having decent special features is a crime against humanity. The recent blu-ray was a limited printing and the only extra feature was an isolated soundtrack. Fright Night 2 is long out of print, hard to find, way too expensive and the image quality sucked. Countless other brainless and forgetable horror films of the era have been getting special edition DVDs over the years and the Fright Night films continue to be ignored. This is a disgrace. It's time rise up Fright Night fans, I urge you to sign these petitions st…

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  • RedCard17

    About Myself

    October 20, 2011 by RedCard17

    I Like to read & Watch Sci-fi Films but i really love Horror movies with Blood and Gore. I also like to read comic books and hangout with my friends and play some video games too.

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    Colin Farrell????

    August 28, 2011 by FRIGHTNIGHT08

    WHO LOVES COLIN FARRELL & JERRY DANDRIDGE CUZ' I DO??? I Love him soooooo much i can't live w/o him!!!!

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