Claudia Hinnault
Fright Night Comics Bull-Whipped Aunt Claudia Feels It
Aunt Claudia
Vital statistics
Role Anti-Monster Society
Gender Female
Race Goddess
Appearances None
Played by

Claudia Hinnault is Natalia Hinnault's "Aunt Claudia" and Jacob Hinnault's sister in the Fright Night comic book series beginning in issue #12.


A wisecracking sleuth who possesses mystical powers, Aunt Claudia is the reincarnation of Princess Ariadne, a character from Greek Mythology. In her current life, she's head of the American division of The Anti-Monster Society and has made it her goal to bring down monsters and vampires like Jerry Dandrige, her brother Jacob and The Legion of the Endless Night.


  • "Here it is, my instantly bonding super glue. Never travel anywhere without it."
  • "You, sir, have gone completely mad!"
  • "Not bad for an old lady, huh?"
  • "Whether it is a trap or not, we can't afford not to check it out. Jerry Dandrige is too powerful a vampire."
  • "So it is agreed. We will gather our forces, form an American Anti-Monster Society sooner than expected and go after these monsters."
  • "How many zombies have any of us ever lifted curses from?"
  • "Hello, police? I'm calling from the Jones Farm. There's been a mass murder. You'd better get over here."
  • "I'm not possessed -- Charley is!"



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