Dana Roberts
Fright Night Comics Dana Roberts
Vital statistics
Role Drummer
Gender Female
Race Vampire
Appearances None
Played by

Dana Robertsis one of Evil Ed's minions in the Fright Night comic book series.


A freelance reporter, Dana Roberts is an African-American vampiress who is a frequent companion and minion of Evil Ed's, along with Donna and Jane. She's also the drummer in Evil Ed's band, Eddie and the Vamps. Like Ed and Donna, she possesses the ability to transform into a vampire bat.


  • "Say cheese."
  • "How's the foot taste? That good, huh?"
  • "Psychedelic Death? Gimme a break!"
  • "What's the big deal, Eddie? We can rob a bank to get money. We're vampires."
  • "Ah oh, I smell someone here."
  • "He will never let us be."



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