Derek Jones
Fright Night Comics Derek Jones 01
Derek Jones
Vital statistics
Role Bartender
Gender Male
Age 21
Race Human/Zombie
Appearances None
Played by

Derek Jones is a bartender and member of The Anti-Monster Society in the Fright Night comic book series beginning in issue #8.


Derek Jones was plagued with bad luck. At 20 years old, he couldn't wait to get away from his domineering mother, who openly called him "a moron," so he moved out and found that life in the real world was just as scary as the movies. Derek's first job was working for a literal ax murderer, then he took a job working at The Club, where he discovered his boss and coworkers were vampires. Fleeing that scene, he got another bartending job across the street... and discovered his new boss was an alien from outer space.

All of these odd occurrences led him to meet his idol, Peter Vincent, and become a member of The Anti-Monster Society. Unfortunately, he kept getting left behind when the crew went out to battle monsters, so he decided to go off on a solo mission... which ended with him being transformed into a zombie.


  • "I think working nights has warped your sense of taste."
  • "I'm gonna miss 'The Attack of the Alien Bloodsuckers from Venus!'"
  • Donna! Help, Ed was --- was eating Jane! He's an alien monster"
  • "I mean, I dig science fiction and horror and stuff, but never in my deepest nightmares did I ever consider vampires to be real!"
  • "I work here for the money, I work here for the money, I work here..."
  • "First job I ever had, I worked for an ax murderer. The second boss I had happened to be a vampire. Now I work... for an alien monster..."
  • "The world as we know it will soon be under alien rule. We will all be destroyed or eaten, or turned into slaves or something."
  • "I'm always left out. They think I'm a coward."
  • "They'll go off and fight vampires and leave me in charge of laundry or cookie baking for the after battle celebration."



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