Fright Night Comics Donna
Vital statistics
Role Keyboardist
Gender Female
Race Vampire
Appearances None
Played by

Donna is one of Evil Ed's minions in the Fright Night comic book series.


In addition to Dana Roberts and Jane, this mullet-haired vampiress is a frequent companion and minion of Evil Ed's who plays keyboards in his band, Eddie and the Vamps. Like Ed, she possesses the ability to transform into a vampire bat.


  • "Can't we have anything better for dinner than an old carcass?"
  • "Later!? When? You either are too busy chasing virgins or watching Monday night football."
  • "You're the greatest, Eddie. You're my dreamguy, Mr. Right, Mr. Wonderful."
  • "We vampires were born and died here. We don't appreciate being called illegal aliens, you know..."
  • "Oh jeez, a member of the undead with moral ethics."
  • "We'll get him back, Ed. We'll get him good!"



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