Fright Night 2011 Poster You Can't Run From Evil
Fright Night (2011) Promotion is the promotional campaign that DreamWorks did to promote the film.


Although there are variants, the posters were primarily the same around the world.

American PostersEdit

Polish PostersEdit

Exact same art; different slogans.

Holiday E-CardsEdit

To promote the blu-ray release, a series of E-Cards was released online. Again, the same artwork was employed as on the poster artwork, but this time they featured holiday-themed taglines.


In addition to the trailers, the cast appeared at Comic Con, there was a huge press junket where press members were allowed to come in and ask rapid-fire questions to each cast member for 5 minutes. A vast array of interviews are available on You Tube.


Official Fright Night Trailer02:32

Official Fright Night Trailer

Fright Night panel18:50

Fright Night panel

Cast and crew members appeared in a panel discussion at Comic Con to promote the film.

Fright Night Friday (2011) - Fright Night cast on MTV04:31

Fright Night Friday (2011) - Fright Night cast on MTV

Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin and Christopher Mintz-Plasse appeared on MTV in an interview reel during an airing of Rob Zombie's Halloween to promote the film's release.

Fright Night Alamo Draft House Event02:28

Fright Night Alamo Draft House Event

Anton Yelchin, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Dave Franco attended a special early screening in Austin, Texas at The Alamo Drafthouse.[1] This clip is an overview of the event.

FRIGHT NIGHT Alamo Post Screening Interviews04:36

FRIGHT NIGHT Alamo Post Screening Interviews

FRIGHT NIGHT Alamo Post Screening Interview ~ 201:07

FRIGHT NIGHT Alamo Post Screening Interview ~ 2

The pair of videos above are a truncated version of the post-screening interview with Yelchin, Plasse and Franco.

Fright Night - Cast Interview07:00

Fright Night - Cast Interview

A longer, more casual conversation at the Alamo Drafthouse with the actors, who were given alcohol at the start of the proceedings.


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