Fright Night Poster Gary Pullin - Regular Version limited ed 100

Gary Pullin is an award-winning artist and the original art director of Rue Morgue magazine. Pullin sells prints of his work on his Ghoulish Gary website and various others, and in 2013 he offered an original poster for Fright Night. The image features view into Charley Brewster's bedroom window, with Peter Vincent appearing on the television and a photograph of Charley, Amy and Evil Ed sitting on the desk in the foreground next to some pencils, a bottle of holy water and several bulbs of garlic. Printed by Nakatomi Inc, the original version was limited to 100 18x24 posters, which were hand-numbered and sold for $35. Also available was a purple metallic variant of the poster which was limited to 50 copies and sold for $50.

Although they're cited as sold out on Pullin's site, both versions are are still listed for sale at Poster Collective.

Pullin's CommentsEdit

The following excerpt was published on the Poster Collective website.

Tom Holland’s Fright Night quickly establishes that your cozy suburb town may not be the safest place to live after all and your neighbours may not be… human.

Fright Night is the benchmark film for 1980’s horror. It’s a fan favourite and for good reason – the film is a trick or treat bag brimming with ghoulish fun. It’s sharply written, rife with atmosphere and pitch black humour. It’s a spookshow through and through and provides some of the best examples of practical FX work ever created.

Growing up in the 1980s, the television was my window to not only many classic horror movies such as Fright Night, but also to the horror hosts and fiendish personalities that that gleefully introduced us to late night horrors via their cable access shows. I’ve always loved how Tom Holland played that up. The washed-up huckster horror host Peter Vincent, perfectly played by Roddy McDowall, is one of the most memorable “vampire killers” ever on screen.

For this newly inspired print, we wanted to try and capture some of those elements but also bring in something unexpected. We, the viewer, are the vampire next door, peering into Charley Brewster’s bedroom window. We are the threat, but he’s ready. He’s been watching FRIGHT NIGHT!

I also had a bit of fun hiding a few little details from the film, but we’re hoping you will invite this print into your home to find them all.

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