Fright Night Comics Jane
Vital statistics
Role Bartender
Gender Female
Race Human/Vampire
Appearances None
Played by

Jane is a bartender at The Club in the Fright Night comic book series.


Jane is a bartender at The Club who had an innocent flirtation with coworker Derek Jones. Unfortunately for Derek, romance never bloomed, as she was soon recruited by Evil Ed and became one of his constant companions, along with Dana Roberts and Donna. Although she's seen in vampire form at one point, unlike Dana and Donna, Jane is never seen in the guise of a bat.


  • "He's got a winning personality. You should try working on yours."
  • "I hate it when we eat our own customers. It's almost... cannibalistic."
  • "Eddie, you are way cool!"
  • "This is our version of a 'Bloody Mary.' It's a Bloody Suzie."



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