Moves Wilson
Fright Night Comics Moves Wilson
Vital statistics
Role NBA Player
Gender Male
Race Vampire
Appearances None
Played by

Moves Wilsonis a basketball player whose body is used as a vessel by Jerry Dandrige in the Fright Night comic book series.


Moves Wilson is an NBA All-Star who plays for The Twisters. Due to his size, speed and agility, he's targeted by witch Constance Beauregard, who entrances him to fall in love with her. Soon she transfers the soul of Jerry Dandrige into his body, but the ritual isn't completed and so, for a brief period, he's part-Wilson and part-Dandrige, the latter of whom begins attacking players on the basketball court. Once he's captured by The Legion of the Endless Night, Dandrige takes full control of the body, his skin lightens and Jerry Dandrige's features burst through. When last seen, a wounded Dandrige was rapidly reverting back into Wilson.


  • "Didn't see you down there.
  • "I can see it now... 'Pro player seduced by mysterious cult leader!'
  • "I just can't help myself, I am entranced by Constance and her beauty.
  • "How dare a mortal talk back to me! Mortal? Why did I say that?"
  • "That's it! My name's Jerry Dandrige! But I thought it was Moves!"



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