Natalia Hinnault
Fright Night Comics 08 Claudia Hinnault and Charley Brewster
Vital statistics
Role Girlfriend
Gender Female
Race Human
Appearances None
Played by

Natalia Hinnault is Charley Brewster's girlfriend in the Fright Night comic book series beginning in issue #8.


Spunky and stylish (by 1980s standards), Natalia is the daughter of Jacob Hinnault, head of The Legion of the Endless Night and niece of monster hunter Claudia Hinnault.


  • "You drag me out of this club to this apartment where someone just said he's killed Evil Ed, and now you want to just take me home?!"
  • "Explain yourself, Charley Brewster, and this better be good!"
  • "Once vampires know you have killed one of them, they don't want you around."
  • "What are you gonna say to a vampire? 'Golly, Ed, how's eternal damnation treating you?'"
  • "If God had wanted man to wear polyester, he would have given us plastic skin."
  • "Five hundred books on trances and all they can tell me is count to ten backwards and snap my fingers. Somehow, I don't think that's going to work."



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