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"No One Believes Me" is a song by Kid Cudi recorded for the 2011 Fright Night remake. Although written for the remake, the songwriters were inspired by the original film.


The song features Kid Cudi on guitar, as well as him accompanying Dot da Genius on drums, while Dot da Genius solely handled bass and piano.[1] The duo wrote the track after being contacted to provide a song to the 2011 remake of Fright Night. "I kind of wrote it to the original Fright Night and I wanted to stay true to the plot and story," said Cudi. "We were inspired to create the song for the movie, which is something I've never done before. It was a challenge. I didn't want it to be a cheesy, cliché type of record. I wanted it to be something people could play and absorb and enjoy without thinking this is for the Fright Night movie."[2]

Music videoEdit

Kid Cudi "No One Believes Me" (Official Video)05:20

Kid Cudi "No One Believes Me" (Official Video)

Craig Gillespie, the director of Fright Night remake, also directed the music video for the song. In the video, Kid Cudi plays a vampire who walks through the streets of a suburban neighborhood as he experiences terrible events take place for the residents. In an interview with MTV, Kid Cudi explained that his character in the video is tired of being a vampire, and is not really affected by the tragic events that occur in the video.[2]

The music video, which features dialog from the remake, was released as a teaser on August 12, 2011, just prior the to the film's release. The uncensored version (which includes two instances of the word "fuck") was later included on the DVD and Blu-Ray releases of the film.


Have you ever felt
Something evil
Lurking around?
The moon is full,
The streets are empty,
Shadows cover the town.
You can't call it,
You can't shake the feeling.
Be quiet not one sound
But the wind seems to speak.
Something's here in the room with me.

I know that something is wrong here.
I can feel it but no one believes me.
I know that something is strange here.
I can sense it but no one believes me.

No one believes me.

I feel like something is wrong here,
I can sense it but no one believes me!
I'm not crazy, hell no, I'm not loony.
I'm not insane.
Take a second.
I heard it, I know it
Whispers say my name,
In the room calling for me.
No one's there.
Where do I go?
Where should I run?
Theres a vibe and it's haunting.
No ones there
Where do I go?
Where should I run?

Release Information Edit

Purchasable Release Edit

Country Date Format Label Ref
United States August 23, 2011 Digital download Universal Republic [3]


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