The Charge of the Dead Brigade
Fright Night the Comic Series 20
The Charge of the Dead Brigade
Fright Night Comics
Title The Charge of the Dead Brigade
Series Fright Night
Issue # 20
Release Date June 1990
Pages 36
Written by Diane M. Piron
Pencils Kevin West
Inker David Mowry
Letterer Joseph Allen
Colorist "The Paintin' Fools"
Cover Artist Dell Barras
Editor Katherine Llewellyn
Editor-in-Chief Tony Caputo
Art Director {{{art}}}
Follows Daddy's Girl
Followed By Were-Wolf, There-Wolf

The Charge of the Dead Brigade is a comic book published in June 1990 by NOW Comics.


The Anti-Monster Society tries to find a way to lift the zombie curse from Derek when they encounter another gaggle of zombies.



  • The town in which this issue's events transpire is called "Tosuk" (To Suck).
  • Jerry Dandrige appears briefly in a teaser for issue #22, Reign of Terror.


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