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The Revenge of Evil Ed! (Conclusion)
Fright Night the Comic Series 09
Fright Night Comics
Title The Revenge of Evil Ed! (Conclusion)
Series Fright Night
Issue # 9
Release Date July 1989
Pages 36
Written by Tony Caputo
Pencils Neil Vokes
Inker David Mowry
Letterer Dan Nakrosis
Colorist Katherine Llewellyn
Cover Artist
Editor Katherine Llewellyn
Editor-in-Chief Tony Caputo
Art Director
Follows The Revenge of Evil Ed!
Followed By Psychedelic Death, Part 1

The Revenge of Evil Ed! is a comic book published in July 1989 by NOW Comics.


Peter loses his job after Evil Ed implicates him in a scandal. Meanwhile, Ed toys with bartender Derek, who soon comes to the realization that his work environment is overrun with vampires.



  • The design of Evil Ed in bat form is very similar to the Jerry Dandrige bat in the original film.
  • When Charley calls The Club, the Rolling Stones song "Sympathy for the Devil" blares through the receiver.
  • This is the final issue to include an installment of the unrelated comic Rust.
  • This issue does not include the regular Scarlet Letters column.
  • From this point on, Eddie, Dana and Donna regularly perform as the band "Eddie and the Vamps."


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