The Vampires of the 2013 in-name only sequel possess similar qualities to the 2011 remake but with some notable differences.


Vampires of this timeline share similarities with the 2011 timeline, such as black eyes as part of their transformation.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Echolocation Gerri was able to use sonar to track her prey, similar to how a bat does.
  • Blood Absorption: Vampires mostly feed by biting a victim and draining a significant amount of blood from them, however the Vampires of the Alt timeline have the capability to actually absorb Human blood through their skin. It is also safe to assume that their immortality keeps them from dying of blood borne diseases. So far the only vampire seen with this capability is Gerri Dandridge who she bathes in blood in order to retain her youthful form.
  • Daywalking: Although Vampires are incapable of walking in the daylight; it is said that that an ancient Pagan ritual would allow vampires to actually walk around in the daylight permanently.

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