William Ragsdale
Vital statistics
Full name Robert William Ragsdale
Gender Male
Age 56
Date of birth January 19, 1958
Place of birth El Dorado, Arkansas
Character Charley
Appearances 1985 Movie, Fright Night II

Robert William Ragsdale is an American actor who portrayed Charley Brewster in the original Fright Night movie, as well as its sequel, Fright Night II. He is best known for appearing in the Fright Night saga as well as other horror pictures. At the same time, he has some noriety for starring in the short-lived FOX sit-com "Herman's Head."

Born in in El Dorado, Arkansas, he attended Hendrix College. Fright Night was his first major role, followed by Fright Night II. Most recently, he plays Gary in the TV series Justified.

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